Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Recent Work

T-Shirt Design for "The Well" Leeds

Termination, Firebrand Super Rock, Deathwing
@Royal Park Cellars, July 30th

Khuda, Alright the Captain, Wiht, Karhide,
Wizards Beard, Richard Parker, Magnapinna.
@ The Well, July 8th 2011

The Cardigan Arms

Knee Deep in the Dead, The Party Program, Disasters, Bludger
Royal Park Cellars April 29th 2011

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Tapestry of Delights Online Record Store

Artwork for 5 way split on Condate Records.

Full Design 8 Page Booklet.
(there are some irregularities between pages to allow for ink bleed but you the idea)

Front Cover


Last Page of Booklet

Tray Design

Smog Monster

Logo for "Wizards Beard"

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